Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Students:

Welcome to Warren County Middle School, one of the finest middle schools in the state of Tennessee!  Since its inception in 1994, WCMS students have been highly successful in attaining high levels of learning, and also have excelled in many extracurricular activities and sports. Whether you are returning to WCMS as a 7th or 8th grader, or if this is your first year as a 6th grader or a new student, we encourage you to welcome the opportunity to continue the “Tradition of Excellence” at this extraordinary school.                       

We want you to have a wonderful experience during your time here at WCMS.  You will learn to respond to high expectations set by your teachers, and as a result you will achieve success as you never have before.  Students are expected to give their best effort each and every day as everyone works together to prepare you to be successful in ALL of your academic classes.  Our teachers and staff are many of the best educators in Warren County, and they are here to help you do whatever it takes to succeed.  They will spend a tremendous amount of time with you to assist you in “learning” but YOU must provide the effort and determination required to succeed.

Parents, we encourage you to stay involved in your child’s education by encouraging them to read, making sure their homework and assignments are complete, and by insisting that they are in school each and every day.  Insist that your child remains in school all day, not checking out during the day to leave unless it is an absolute necessity. Please make every effort to make doctor’s/dentist’s appointments after school whenever possible.  We need your child in class in order to receive the proper instruction needed to master the curriculum.

Thank you for choosing to be part of Warren County Middle School. Please let myself or any staff member know of anything that we can assist you with.  We greatly appreciation your continued support of WCMS.


Mr. Gerald Tidwell

Gerald Tidwell